Site Map for CRE Loaded - CRE Loaded Module 1.0

No Image Module - is very powerful and flexible module for dynamic site map generation. With help of this module you will achieve two important goals: · your customers always will be able to find correct page on your site without any problem. Your visitors will like your site! · Search Engine Optimization. If you will use this module in conjunction with XML Sitemap for CRE Loaded module you will get the best search results! Sitemap for CRE Loaded module


Complete Web Application Protection with Allesta Instant Detection & Prevention. Allesta protects your web applications against entire classes of attacks. Allesta provides proactive detection and prevention of all known and unknown application level attacks. COMPLETE SOLUTION IN A PACKAGE FOR YOUR WEB SERVER. Allesta includes 3 key modules: Allesta Firewall Module, Allesta HTTP Filtering Module, Allesta Connection Limiting Module

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E-Community Module Edition 2.1

Modules Edition distinguishes itself from other similar software products due to its flexibility and individuality. Modules edition gives customers the possibility to create e-community practically themselves by selecting the modules which are necessary to their particular online community. # Community Core The Community Core module is the base one. The program operates exactly due to it. He given module is used to administer all core features of

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Life Manager Pro Mac Version 3.02: Organizes your life so that you can get things done in a productive way.
Life Manager Pro Mac Version 3.02

module you collect or capture all the various bits of information that are in your head. Module 2:Vision. Do you have a vision for your life? Do you have principles and values on which you base your life? Do you have dreams and visions for your life? Module 3: Goals - Most people have goals in their life, but few write them down. This module focuses your mind on what exactly your goals are. Module 4:Projects - Track all your projects. Module 5: Actions

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Hermetic File Search - Search Module 2.25

modules: 1. An index module which is used to create an index of the searchable files. 2. A search module which is used to search those files. The index module is capable of indexing a hierarchy of over 1000 HTML files, totalling over 50 MB, and containing over 100,000 different words. Even with that number of different words the search module returns results in a few seconds. The results are displayed by the software and can also be displayed in

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IP2Location HTTP Module Apr.2014: IP2Location HTTP Module is an IIS managed module for ip geolocation.
IP2Location HTTP Module Apr.2014

IP2Location HTTP Module is an IIS managed module, which enables you to discover in real-time, where your web visitors are coming from by IP address. You can determine what country they are by IP address. IP2LocationTM HTTP Module returns server variables regarding your visitor country origin, region, city, latitude, longitude, ZIP code, ISP, domain name, time zone, and so on. This module relies on an external BIN database file.

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X-Cart Google Checkout L2 module - X Cart Mod 4.0

module advanced features: Support for Product Attributes Module supports product attributes with price modifications (like "Size XXL +$10"). Support for Taxes All standart tax modules are supported "out of the box"! Unique feature: taxes are calculated on-line based on final billing address of your customer! Support for Custom Tax Modules Supports Tax Modules, created according to x-Cart requirements Support for Shipping Support for flat-rate shipping

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